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Commercial Exterior Cleaning In Pepperell

Commercial pressure washing

Regular commercial exterior cleaning is essential to protect, preserve, and maintain the appearance of your place of business in Pepperell. AM Pro Wash LLC is one of the best-rated exterior cleaning companies in Pepperell and surrounding areas. We are so much more than a roof cleaning company. We are a commercial exterior cleaning company. That means we do it all! We can safely thoroughly clean all the exterior surfaces of your property, including:

  • Roofs
  • Vinyl and wood siding
  • Awnings
  • Concrete – sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Windows and skylights
  • And much more . . .

When we do commercial exterior cleaning, we sometimes recommend a soft wash over a power wash. You may have heard of power washing – a method of cleaning using a hot, high-pressure jet spray of water to clean hard surfaces that can be either solid like metal or porous like brick and concrete. It removes the top layer of dirt and biological growth but does not sanitize the surface. Also, the strong jet can damage some types of surfaces if the pressure and temperature are incorrectly set, or the surface is old and/or damaged.

Over time, many types of surfaces, such as stone, wood, vinyl, etc., can look faded, worn, dirty, or discolored. Before you consider resurfacing or repainting around your property, you may want to consider soft washing. Soft washing both disinfects and cleans.

It is a softer method of washing that utilizes a softer jet spray of water and depends more on biodegradable detergents, sanitizers, rinses, and heat to kill biological contaminants such as mold mildew, algae and a type of bacteria called Gloecapsa Magma. This type of bacteria is transmitted through the air and lands and grows on exterior surfaces. It is responsible for much of the fading and discoloration as a surface ages. Finally, soft washing emulsifies and removes deposits of dirt, grime, oil, and grease. The surface is both cleaned and well-sanitized in the process.

No commercial exterior is too much for us. We regularly maintain many kinds of business facilities, including:

  • Shopping Centers/Malls
  • Shops & Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Offices & Industrial Buildings
  • Parking Facilities

The soft wash System utilized by AM Pro Wash LLC is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly chemical cleaning system that uses low pressure and up-to-date technology to safely treat and clean surfaces without doing any damage. It is a safe, low-pressure wash that results in a 99.9% success rate over mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, and moss and can keep your property looking better for up to 6 times longer than standard pressure washing Our environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable soft wash System and our expertly trained and insured specialists are guaranteed to make your residential property look brand new.

For stained, faded, and dirty surfaces, consider soft washing before you repaint or resurface. A good deep cleaning can revive the look and curb appeal by making your exterior surfaces look as good as new. If your place of business In Pepperell is either starting to show its age or you want to prevent it from showing its age, you might want to consider commercial exterior cleaning. Give us a call for a free estimate, free advice, or both!