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Greenhouse glass cleaning in Hollis New Hampshire

Expert Greenhouse Glass Cleaning in Hollis, NH: A Case Study

Welcome to our latest featured project at AM Pro Wash, where we shine a light on a particularly unique greenhouse glass cleaning task we undertook in Hollis, New Hampshire. This assignment not only reinforced our expertise but also underscored our commitment to maintaining local landmarks and properties with utmost care and professionalism.

Our client, Ada, owns a beautiful, sprawling greenhouse in Hollis (ZIP 03049), which is used both for personal enjoyment and educational purposes. The structure’s glass panels had accumulated a significant amount of dirt and grime over the seasons, reducing sunlight penetration and potentially affecting plant growth. Ensuring clarity and cleanliness of these panels was paramount to Ada, and consequently, she reached out to us for a specialized cleaning service.

Description of the Project

For the cleaning of Ada’s greenhouse, we employed a combination of safe and effective cleaning methods tailored specifically for glass surfaces in sensitive environments such as greenhouses. Our team used eco-friendly detergents and state-of-the-art soft washing techniques from our soft washing service to ensure that the structural integrity of the glass was not compromised.

The process began with a detailed assessment of the glass to determine the level of cleaning required. We then proceeded to gently wash the glass using telescopic brushes, ensuring all algae, lichen, and dirt were meticulously removed without causing any damage to the glass or the plants inside. Our approach not only restored the greenhouse to its original clarity but also protected it against future biological growth.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the major challenges we encountered was dealing with the delicate nature of the greenhouse structures. The risk of breaking the glass while cleaning was a significant concern. Moreover, the greenhouse’s location in Hollis, known for its fluctuating weather conditions, added to the challenge as we had to plan meticulously to choose a day where the weather would not affect the cleaning process or the drying of the cleaning agents.

To address these challenges, our team utilized customized equipment designed to handle fragile surfaces and opted for a weather window that provided us with the ideal conditions for a thorough clean-up. This careful planning and execution underscored the importance of local expertise and experience in managing site-specific logistical issues.

Impact on the Local Community

The cleaning of Ada’s greenhouse not only enhanced its aesthetic appeal but also had a broader impact on the local Hollis community. As a venue for small educational sessions on botany and sustainable gardening practices, the greenhouse attracts visitors and school groups. With the glass now perfectly transparent, the natural light significantly improved the growth conditions for the plants, and the overall environment became more inviting for visitors.

This project is a testament to how specialized cleaning services like ours can play a crucial role in supporting the educational and environmental initiatives within a community. It’s gratifying to see our work not only meet the needs of our clients but also contribute positively to community enrichment.


We are proud to have successfully completed the greenhouse glass cleaning project for Ada in Hollis, New Hampshire. This project stands as a testament to AM Pro Wash’s dedication to offering specialized cleaning solutions that cater directly to the nuances of our clients’ needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our full range of services or wish to book a similar service, visit our Contact Us page or check out our greenhouse glass cleaning in Hollis New Hampshire on Google My Business for more details and client reviews.

Thank you for trusting AM Pro Wash with your precious green spaces. We look forward to helping you let the light back into your greenhouse or handling any other cleaning needs you might have!

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