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Vinyl siding house washing in Derry Nh

Breathing New Life into Derry Homes: AM Pro Wash’s Vinyl Siding House Washing Project

Hello, I’m Albert Mariano, the proud owner of AM Pro Wash. Today, I am excited to talk about a successful vinyl siding house washing project we completed in the bucolic town of Derry, New Hampshire. The goal was not just about cleaning, but also contributing to the preservation and aesthetics of homes within the community.

Nestled in the charming town of Derry, NH (03038), the house in focus had vinyl siding that had weathered many seasons, resulting in accumulation of grime and biological growth over time, subtly hiding its inherent beauty.

Description of the Project

Addressing the tarnished vinyl siding of this Derry home, we geared up to employ our expertise in house washing. Our main aim was to restore the vibrancy of the vinyl siding while ensuring it retained its durability through our careful washing processes.

We used our proven soft washing method to clean the vinyl siding. Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning process which, when combined with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions, effectively eradicates mold, mildew and dirt without damaging the siding or the home’s structural integrity. This has been our go-to method for house washing over the years to avoid pressure-related damages to the exterior surfaces.

Challenges and Solutions

Often, we encounter a common question, “Could regular house washing damage my siding?”. The short answer is no, not if done correctly! At AM Pro Wash, we address this concern with our soft washing technique, which is designed to safeguard the siding while effectively cleansing it.

Grime-infused siding can often pose difficulties due to the need for deeper cleaning. For such challenges, we utilize a unique blend of eco-friendly solutions specifically designed to combat hard-set grime without inflicting any damage on the siding. This was particularly helpful in treating Derry’s humid climate-induced mildew.

Impact on the Local Community

The result of this thorough vinyl siding house washing transcended beyond the single property—it had a positive impact on the broader Derry community. Clean, well-maintained homes uphold neighborhood aesthetics and contribute to overall property values.

In an eco-conscious community like Derry, it’s crucial that our services not only beautify properties but also respect the local environment. Our eco-friendly washing techniques ensure that we’re able to successfully fulfill both these objectives.


The successful completion of the vinyl siding house washing project in Derry, NH, underlines the commitment, superior techniques, and attention to detail that we at AM Pro Wash, bring to every project. So, if you’re looking for effective vinyl siding house washing in Derry, NH, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our services. At AM Pro Wash, we ensure that every service we offer contributes positively to your home’s appeal and to the charm of your community. Your homes are our canvas, and they deserve the best care!

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